Atlanta is a southern city. When people talk bout Atlanta they may mean to referance metro Atlanta which would include the suburbs. Only 400,000 people live within Atlanta city limits while 4 million people live in the suburbs. So, as you might expect, living in the burbs is not a status symbol in Atlanta because just about everyone does. Atlanta is the capital of the south as the cultural, business, and spiritual center hub. Here is a breakdown of Atlanta and her suburbs:

Buckhead(Uptown): This is the wealthiest community of the metro area. Most of the people that hail from Buckhead grew up in million dollar mansions and went to an elite Buckhead private school. It's an unspoken rule that if you have money and you live inside Atlanta, you shouldn't subject your kids to the horrors of public schools. High class shopping(Versace, Lois Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, etc.) can be found at Lenox or Phipps, two huge malls right accross the street from eachother. This district is also home to the city's best dining options, along with the best night spots. Buckhead is also the center of Atlanta's amazingly large Black gay community. Most Black gays are DL and "straight acting" so most people cant identify them. If you are woman looking for a Black man in Atanta you might wanna shy away from Buckhead because most likely you would end up being your man's cover. 30327 is a purely sickly wealthy residential community in West Buckhead and was rated the most affluent zip code in the southeast.The kids that grow up in 30327 have no concept of reality whatsoever.

Midtown: Midtown has some great restaurants but is known for two things...Piedmont Park(Atlants's largest and nicest park) and being the hub of Atlanta's large gay community. Because Atlanta was invaded by Northerners and Westerners(its hard as hell to find a native Atlantan), people here are very progressive and all races and lifestyles are respected.

Downtown: Boring...but home to many coporate headquaters and tourist attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, Grant Park, the CNN Center, Centenial Olympic Park, the MLK Center, etc. Also home to Georgia State University. Not many people actually live downtown.

South of Downtown: The ghetto. The gated campuses of Morehouse and Spelman are the only nice attrations on the southside of ATlanta. Notice I did not mention Clark Atlanta because that school is ghetto as hell, but many take pride in that fact.

Sandy Springs: A recently incorporated city just north of Buckhead. Most of the residents are rich as hell. Most of the kids go to private school. Hispanics stay along Roswell Road in apartments but the new mayor, Eva Galambos, has already vowed to tear down alot of the run down apartments along Roswell road and turn then into condos to"prtect the image of the city". If that happens Sandy Springs will become the richest city in Georgia.

Cobb County: Cobb County is largely white and mostly middle class. East Cobb is the richest area where homes dont exist at prices beneath 500,000 dollars. South Cobb is Black but still middle class, although you wouldnt know it by the way many of the kids act in cities like Smyrna and Mableton. Most everyone in the county stays in homes that are priced from the 200s to the 400s. The exception of course are those that reside in East Cobb where most live in homes around 800-900,000 dollars.

Gwinnett: Diverse!!! Like every race on Earth lives in Gwinnett County and the people of Gwinnett are very proud of that. Gwinnett is also economically diverse. You have your dirt poor areas like Norcross where the Mexicans live and your upper middle class areas like the Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth where the rich white people live. Everything in ATlanta is self segregated according to class and race. Get used to it. Blacks live everywhere in Gwinnett County and so do the Asians. Most of Gwinnett aint so well off though. You'll be hard pressed to find whole communities of wealthy residents.

North Fulton: Home to Alpharetta and Roswell. Alpharetta is a city full of rich people. Poor people dont exist there. Its almost entirely white. A large number of Atlanta celebrities live in Alpharetta's score of country clubs including Usher, Whitney Houston, and Ludacris. Roswell is a middle class city...average suburbia.

Dekalb County: Segregated. And thats the way the whites and the Blacks prefer it. The white people live in the northern half and the Black people live on the southside of the county. Dunwoody is the prize community of the northern part. It has great public schools and beautiful homes. It also has a huge Jewish population. Decatur is a wanna be ghetto city that has nice homes with thuggish inhabitants. Lithonia and parts of Stone Mountain are rich as hell. And these areas are almost all Black.

Clayton County: Ghetto as hell. Home prices dont rise above 250K and crime abounds. A reason why claiming you are from an ATlanta suburb doesnt mean shit.

South Fulton: The Cascade neighborhood is famous for being home to ATlanta's Black old money. Every Atlanta Black mayor has lived there. And this includes Shirley Franklin. Cascade is wealthy and its all Black. You name a civil rights leader from ATlanta and they probably own a home in Cascade. Most of their children go to Woodward Academy. Sandtown is an upper middle class Black community just south of Cascade and the rest of south Fulton is country as hell.

Forsyth: Dangerous for Black people.

More wealthy Atlata Asians live in zip 30097 in Northeast Fulton than anywhere else. Hispanics are in every part of the city but the heart of the Hispanic communtiy is along Buford Highway, Atlanta's International Corridor. Please note that things are segregated much more along class lines than racial lines.

Fayette county: the capitol of fayette( Fayetteville) has two sides a very wealty side and a shit poor side. the poor sides are east fayette and downtown fayette. the closer you are to downtown the less money your house is worth. the farther you go out the house prices start rising until you hit rich ass PTC.
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