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Very tight, upper-thigh length shorts that were popular in the 1980's and were a staple of Tom Selleck's wardrobe in the popular television series Magnum P.I. These shorts usually clearly outline one's package and leave nothing to the imagination. Frequently worn by those with a mullet.
I was out of clean clothes so I threw on some Magnum PI's. I spent all day tucking back the meat to keep from playin turtle and scaring the locals.
by Salvadore McGillicutty June 16, 2008
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An overt moustache (usually on a woman) that resembles the moustache of Tom Selleck. Star of Magnum P.I.
Did you see Bill's date? She had a Magnum P.I.
by PeterfromOttawa April 02, 2006
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An individual who buys size XL magnum condoms though they are unnaturally small.
" Philip went to the gastation to buy sme rubbers and his girlfriend said he was such a Magnum P.i.
by 321blastoff March 20, 2010
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When a man is having anal sex with his partner and decides not to "pull-out". He nuts in her butt and then with his finger gets some of the "nut" and gives her a "Tom Selleck-type" mustache, you know...A Magnum PI
Yo, last night I was banging your girl in her ass and she asked to look like Magnum P.I., so I helped her out.
by ChopChop2121 March 26, 2009
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Participating in the Tom Selleck while either the shittee or shitter wears a Hawaiian shirt.
I took Kim on vacation to Hawaii. After 5 pina coladas she passed out and I gave her the Magnum P.I.
by GlobalChillage June 03, 2009
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Act of sexual deviance involving one individual urinating directly into another individual's eye.
I'd never hit a man wearing glasses, but I would give him a Magnum P.I.
by DaveO March 12, 2004
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