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Someone who is extra loud when drunk and wakes up the whole floor below them with their footsteps.
Hey, did the RA just knock on our door? Yes, I think Stompy woke him up when he came home drunk.
by mem_leak January 07, 2016
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The awesome Aussie expression for "kitty muffins" or the action of a cat's kneading.
kitty makes stompies when it's happy!
by psydtrakt January 03, 2010
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stompy - adjective, -pier, -piest

1. feeling or showing frustration or strong resentment

2. exhibiting a characteristic or creating a mood associated with angst

3. emotion exhibited by strong foot stomping and vocal manifestations of frustration
After being forced to spend $50 on a party I had no interest in attending I felt stompy.
by JessaJ05 November 20, 2007
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