Used commonly by those who avoid coming into school or social events.However, this noun is mainly used as an excuse
Teacher: why are you an hour late to the business lesson *student's name* ?
student: comes up with an excuse Sorry sir i had a stomach ache.
by litmaster123 December 29, 2019
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Your Stomach Rumbles and It Hurts.
Dude #1:Hey that Dinner was Good but now I'm full and have a Stomach Ache

Dude #2:that sucks
by WeeWee Gang September 20, 2020
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When you get a terrible stomach ache from eating the shit they put in the food at mcdonalds. Such as the humongous amount of grease taken after consuming 12+ hashbrowns.
He began mumbling words ad random such a bad Mc Stomach Ache. "fuck..... shit..... bitchh......" I couldn't help but notice that he just finished eating 12 hashbrowns.
by EricJamesJoey April 25, 2007
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When you eat 12 McDonald's hashbrowns and get a stomach ache and all you can find yourself mummering to yourself are the words, "fuck..", "shit..", and "bitch.."
"Fuck..Shit..Bitch.." "What's the matter?" "I just ate 12 McDonald's hashbrowns and have a Mc Stomach Ache."
by JamesEricJoey April 25, 2007
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A Ferullo Stomach ache is when you’re enjoying a nice summer day at ferullo you’ve been there for 5 hours you’ve already drank three ice waters from Dunkin Donuts and it’s almost time to go home. All of a sudden your stomach starts to curddle and you can no longer stand up straight. You feel extraordinary pain in your abdomen area and you no longer can walk. You still have to bike home and you feel that with every step the poop is getting closer and closer to coming out. You are being tortured by time by trying to get home fast enough to let out this demon that is causing havoc in your lower intestine. Once you get home you sit on the toilet for 1 hour or more. Contemplating life. You feel sweaty so you take your shirt off then you get goose bumps and start to freeze so you put your shirt back on. You try to go on your phone to distract yourself from the immense amount of pain your stomach is in, but the pain is to great that you throw your phone down on the bathmat because nothing will help. As some points during the stomach ache you remember times of when you didn’t have this stomach ache. You start to appreciate the times of painless fun with your buds shooting hoops at ferullo. And you realize it was all the water that caused this. And you swear to never do it again. But you end up doing it the next day.
My ferullo stomach ache was so bad I curled up in a ball for 3 1/2 hours in my bed not being able to move.
by Randy Leavitt January 29, 2021
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the horrible feeling in ones stomach when there heart is broken
nothing i just got a heartbrake stomach ache
by soaricjorg January 28, 2011
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