The area in western Toronto, along St. Clair Avenue, where the stockyards were along the railroad for over 150 years. Finest features now are a Rona-Lansing, a Canadian Tire, and an open-24-hours HOME Depot with the very hottest chicks in Toronto on staff
Its 3:30 a.m. and I'm horny, gonna go down to the Stockyards and load up with drywall while I scope the finest breasts & thighs in the construction industry in Toronto
by Jake March 10, 2004
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an excessively large bowel movement that results in a spread out pile of scat protruding from the water. resembles a "stupa" and is not coil like.
After eating at the salad bar and taking fiber, Mark had to excuse himself from the meeting in order to do a "stockyard"
by mbinco September 4, 2012
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An area of Texas so Texan that it's utterly un-Texan, making it a tourist trap that is totally unworthy of any good tourist.
I'm gonna skip the Fort Worth Stockyards on this visit. I wanna really SEE Texas.
by The White Razz January 18, 2011
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