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Most commonly seen in university/college residences. The act of eventually sleeping with someone, who was previously deemed subpar as a result of unfortunately close living/working arraignments and persistent efforts of seduction over time.

and/or A method of seduction in which one uses prolonged close living/working arrangements to their advantage to eventually convince an individual to sleep with them.
"Did you hear ___ and ___ hooked up?"
"I thought she hated him at the beginning of the year???"
"She did, he totally stockholmed her."
by stockholmed June 18, 2009
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Sometimes, stocklolmed can go both ways
also, "did you hear _ and _ hooked up?"
"I thought she liked latinos and he is asian, and he liked asians and she is african"
"They did, they totally stockholmed themselves"
by stockholmeds September 04, 2009
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