Slang for a blunt, joint, or vape pen. Often used in areas on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.
“Aye bro lemme hit the stizzy

Sure thing man.”
by Dastardly Dog January 21, 2022
Weed/THC wax fill vape.
Guy1: You hitting that vape?
Guy2: Na this a stizzy trying to get baked.
by Lastgodofwar September 22, 2020
When you're too high to smoke any more weed.
"Don't pass the joint to Steve man, that dude is fucking stizzy."
by Killer Cam November 29, 2006
To be something of the cool sense. As in being a cool kid.

im so stizzy ice is scared of me.
by Nielly_Jonte July 19, 2008
A Cool way for stupid bitches with Anorexia to say Skinny
Thats that anorexia Lingo. Like "Oh RastafariMari u ate so much today"' Oh don't worry I'm gonna throw up when I get home, " ' ooh okay! Stay Stizzy"
by Pimplimp007 June 8, 2019
Puss filled genital sores that often symptoms of an STD.
Steve couldn't make it, he said his stizzies are flaring up so bad he can't walk; he never should have dated Kellye.
by OhFee November 15, 2018