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  • stitch.men
A combined word for stupid bitches
Oo man, look at all these stitches that just got here; let's bounce.
by Anthony and Stritt May 13, 2005
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Archaic. A piece of false hair, such as an extension or false bun.
Laura understood the gravity of the situation immediately, for she alone knew that Anne wore a stitch. If David pulled away too many of her pins, Anne's beautiful large knot of hair would come off.
by thrakatuluk February 23, 2017
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A store in Canada with fashionable clothing, that isn't overly priced like Ambercrombie and Fitch. Common for teenagers.
Person 1: Wow, I love your clothes! How much did they cost?
Person 2: All together 50$
Person 1: That's how much my top cost! Where did you buy those?
Person 2: Stitches
by Allison4321 November 22, 2009
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A very lovable and friendly alien creature who steals the heart of everyone he touches.
I love you Stitch!
by bob so December 05, 2016
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(noun) A sexual maneuver where the male, during ejaculation, removes his penis from the vagina and inserts it into the anus--leaving a trail of semen connecting the two cavities, and thus "stitching" them together. If this maneuver is performed multiple times during a single ejaculation, it would then be referred to as a "double stitch", "triple stitch", etc.
"At the moment of copulation, Bronson abruptly decided to pull out--giving Rachel a stitch instead of a baby."
by Alan69 August 07, 2007
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An extremely adorable female with bitchin' hair, who often picks her nose in public and gets away with it. Usually can be seen killing bitches and supermanning some hoes. She will pop a cap in the ass of many bitches. Also lives off of french fries and orange juice. Can also digest french whores.
Stitches is one bitchin' chick, yo.
by Carlitches January 24, 2008
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