Coughing after inhaling smoke, usually marijuana smoke.
I hit that blunt and then stitched like fuck.

After I smoked I coughed loads, that was a stitch.
by Slow R July 19, 2018
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If you injected a pineapple with steroids and sprinkle coke on it and it became a person.
Stitches gonna put a brick in yo face.
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by 1Head June 02, 2019
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Stitch is a big blue alien fuck who wants Lilos pussy.
Yo why you gotta act like fuckin stitch...bitch
by aertyu March 06, 2018
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An extremely adorable female with bitchin' hair, who often picks her nose in public and gets away with it. Usually can be seen killing bitches and supermanning some hoes. She will pop a cap in the ass of many bitches. Also lives off of french fries and orange juice. Can also digest french whores.
Stitches is one bitchin' chick, yo.
by Carlitches January 24, 2008
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(noun) A sexual maneuver where the male, during ejaculation, removes his penis from the vagina and inserts it into the anus--leaving a trail of semen connecting the two cavities, and thus "stitching" them together. If this maneuver is performed multiple times during a single ejaculation, it would then be referred to as a "double stitch", "triple stitch", etc.
"At the moment of copulation, Bronson abruptly decided to pull out--giving Rachel a stitch instead of a baby."
by Alan69 August 07, 2007
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(adj)- a word and/or nickname to describe someone who will get you high, hooked on songs, in lots of trouble and cause your grades to plummet but continues to form a close bond with everyone. They walk around with Sony Ericcson phones and iPods.

They are obsessed with mental hospital trips and Kelly Moore paints. The only people in the world who can tell you to meet them at Best Buy at 12 noon and show up at 12 midnight but you'll be the one apologizing.

They love weed, swimming and getting other people hurt, they tend to come off as selfish but actually do have hearts of gold.
S: Let's go everyone, fucking let's swim.
B: He's not even out of the house yet!
S: Stitches, blood, for real, your the only one that wanted to go swimming so fucking swim!
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008
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a word Varun made up on the spot because he doesn't know english
"I have a stitch in my side!" "You mean a cramp?" "No, a stitch"
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by CollegeIntellect March 15, 2018
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