The area between your nuts and your asshole. See also knocka and taint.
Did you just lick my stitches? Don't try to kiss me!
by Joel TK June 08, 2005
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a stupid bitch;

a female who is smart in school but doesnt have common sense
the stitch passed every class but couldnt walk without telling her self left right left right
by swelltel November 12, 2011
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Stitch is a blend word of "Stupid" & "Bitch".
Kimberly!!! you stitch!!!
via giphy
by notsmallz August 15, 2018
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stitch is a shorter term in place of the longer phrase of "stupid ass bitch" or "Stupid Bitch". Hence STupid (Ass can be insterted anywhere if need be) then bITCH, ending up with STITCH.
Damn, your mom is a stitch.
by Tony June 15, 2004
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a person who could potentially be a snitch for an undercover creeper opperation
Lindsay: Hey Matt!
Matt: Yes Lindsay?
Lindsay: Watch out for those kids, they are definately STITCHES and should not be trusted.
Matt: Instead of snitches get STITCHES its STITCHES get creepers. Lets get them!
by smithasaurus January 07, 2011
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