When you think it’s a silent one but you accidentally shit yourself.
Tom Johnston just had a stinky fart.
by Stinkerton69 March 3, 2020
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1. Heathers cat.
2. A cat smells like shit all the time and is probably always licking his ass.
"Hey Heather, why does this old trow pillow on your couch smell like kitty doodie oh wait... it's just Stinky-Farts."
by Crazy Eyes H. Squeeze September 17, 2004
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When u open a can of chickpeas and they smell like stinky farts. You then tell your friends about it but they say it’s actually you making the stinky fart smell. You are now questioning things.
You: *open can* ewww that smells like stinky fart chickpeas
You: hey friends, this smells like stinky fart.
Friends: that’s you doing the stinky fart.

You: no
by Jjwhatwhat March 27, 2020
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Calling someone a stinky vagina fart is the most insulting term known to man... It's so bad that the phrase has been banned in 19 countries and saying it is punishable by death. ~DO NOT USE THIS TERM OR ELSE~
Just saying if someone calls you this they really hate you, jokes on them thought because you can arrest them.

(Don't actually call 911 if someone calls you this. This is a joke to be taken lightly unless you want to take this joke darkly)
Person 1: You stinky vagina fart, I wish you were never born.
Person 2: OMFG I can't believe you said that...
*Person 2 calls 911*
by Defining_The_World March 14, 2021
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Smells like farts
Scum dump
Has stinky feet
Looks like a turkey
You are a stinky feet fart liking scum dump
by Fat12354 April 21, 2017
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by sussy bruh moment June 16, 2021
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