Many people define the stinkface to be when one sticks their ass in another's face, leaving their face smeared in crap. This definition denounces those other definition. The stinkface originated as a wrestling move; since this move does not cause any "injuries," it is used mostly to embarass the victim.

Just to establish the definition of a stinkface, it is a wrestling move that (usually) involves two people. In classic wrestling, one opponent is thrown against one of the poles, and sags to the ground, defeated. The other opponent then backs their ass into the victim's face, rubbing the fat of their ass around and smothering the victim.

The stinkface has many uses. Let's explore those:

1) Humiliation: The original purpose. To humiliate an opponent rather than injure them.

2) Punishment: To some people, receiving a stinkface is not pleasurable, so this move can be used as a consequence.

Above, it was mentioned that stinkfaces can include more than one person. This option relates to Use No. 2: Punishment. The victim is obviously reluctant to receive the stinkface, so sometime another person is needed to restrain the victim.

Types of stinkfaces:

1) Regular: The victim sags against the pole (or wall) and the stinkfacer backs his/her ass into the victim's face and grinds.

2) Against-the-Wall: The victim sits up straight against a wall and is smothered with ass when the stinkfacer closes in. This is also a type of facesitting.

Man-to-Man Stinkfacing: When a man stinkfaces another man, this will usually be a prank.

Man-to-Woman Stinkfacing: This does not happen a lot, but is probably a prank as well.

Woman-to-Man Stinkfacing: This will most likely be wrestling humiliation, or part of femdom practices.

Woman-to-Woman Stinkfacing: Part of wrestling humilation.

When men do stinkfaces, they wear pants.

When woman do stinkfaces, they wear thongs or lingerie.

Stinkfaces are simple enough to understand, with this handy definition.
I sure would not like a stinkface from Rikishi; I would suffocate behind all that ass!

I am craving a stinkface from Torrie Wilson! I can just imagine burying myself in that nice ass!
by Chairface June 13, 2009
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The act of losing a bet and having to endure smelling your friends butt and smell their farts that go up your nose.
I got an all night stinkface before I thought I was going to be initiated into a group of cool people, They farted in my nose 100 times and in my mouth 50 times.
by John Person December 9, 2006
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The face one makes when a musician or music touches their soul. That a musician's talent and soul would put one's face in a cringe as if they smelt something funny or stinky.
Man, that saxophone player was so good everyone was grooving and had a mean stinkface.
by KelciumIsGood January 9, 2017
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when you rub your ass in someone's face leaving them disgusted. Started out as a wrestling move used by the Rikishi.
I was given a stinkface by my "best friend." He pulled down his pants, pulled down his underwear and rubbed his ass im my face. He farted first and i thought that was disgusting. Then he took a shit on my face and tied me down. Then he made me kiss his ass and he continued to stinkface me for five hours straight.
by gayman July 5, 2006
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the art of planting smelly,freshly crapped ass upon someone's face and shimmying to and fro-(causing a poop smear on the victim's face)
There ain't nuthin' I enjoy more than when Uncle billy bob gets done dropping off the kids, and gives me the ole stinkface. whoo doggies!
by iluvcarrottophe'safag July 24, 2003
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rather a distasteful action, planting one's ass in someone elses face, and rubbing it in, therefore leaving their face smeared in shit, and smelling like whatever you had eaten that day.
he backs his ass up in his face! stinkface!
by n00b pwnage February 23, 2005
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(Noun) The act of one pulling down their pants and placing their anus on the face of another and rubbing their nose between their butt cheeks. This action is better used if the anus is dirty.
"Dude, why did you eat all the food in my cabinets"

"I wanted food"

by Matthew_17 June 28, 2012
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