1 definition by Proud Stinkdenean

First let’s start with the best, SHHS you already know let’s go trojans, filled with a bunch of wildin ass niggas and guys that think soccer is a SPORT, soho girls are the biggest hoes, Up next we have PHMS where a bunch of asians and whites go that think they’re the shit, and also a soho transfers whose parents want a better futer for them, right next to them is that trash school CTHS that we only think twice about concidering it a PISD school because of the pretty girls, not to mentions there’s a bunch of nerds and weirdos in that school, PHS is just ass and DOBIE IS LITTT AFFF YOO
what school district you from ? I’m from that stinkadena school district cuhhhh
by Proud Stinkdenean October 1, 2018