A sitcom comedy show that involves a couple raising their 3 children. Every episode means a new problem, as usual with sitcom comedies. It's quite a amusing show when there's nothing esle to watch. Oh yeah, it's broadcasted on CBS.
Our house is a hangout now? No one even told me? I can't wait until Dad finishes his boat, I'm going to sail right outta here! - Still Standing Episode
by BloodlustandOnisuke May 1, 2007
When you fart and you walk away from it for a while but evertime you pass that section the fart is still lingering in the same exact spot.
kuro:ew D:
Joe: *walks away from fart* 8
kuro: walks away
Joe: *goes to the bathroom*
*2 mins later*
kuro: *passes spot joe was staning in* holy sit dude yer fart is still standing here!
by wee396 March 18, 2009
Sexy high-heeled shoes that are virtually impossible to walk in, but you buy them anyway because they are for
activities that don't require walking.
L: "I'd break my neck walking in those"
D: "So don't walk in them. Buy them for standing still shoes. Your boyfriend will like em!"
by standing still girl July 22, 2009
Any confrontation involving three or more individuals at odds with each other, usually brandishing weapons such as broken cerveza bottles and chain wallets, that ends in a stalemate.
That punta Hector brought his panty waste brother Jose to Esteban's crib and tried to throw down. Esteban was going to waste their punk asses, but it was obvious they were in a Puerto Rican Stand-Still when Esteban's friends bounced and the three of them realized they all had no back and were just gonna blast each other away without anyone walking away breathing.
by succubitch July 25, 2010