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Stig-ity - Adjective.

To be so past high, that you are past buzzed, high, stoned, and even past zooted. This is almost the ultimate weed high, the only thing higher than stiggity is Stig-stag-stiggity-stoned.
at this point, if you tried to talk to your friends, you will be so high, that only your dog can hear you, but he wont be able to understand you, since he is a dog, no matter how high you get.
Stoner #1 "Dude, we just smoked nine blunts in a row, in this closet."

Stoner #2 "Dude, I know, I'm SOOOO Stiggity!"

what everybody else hears.

Stoner #1 "Zeekyboogydoog maaaaan"

by Dweezle00 December 06, 2010
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