The longest word along with reverberated that you can type with your left hand.

Stewardesses are women flight attendants.
The stewardesses have sore butts after a long day of work.
Steawrdesses steawrdessesw stewardesses steardesse steardesses steawrdesses stewardesses stewardesses stewardesses stewardesses stewardesses steardesses stewardesses stewardesses,
not so easy, eh? I find reverberated easier, myself.

by InjusticeForAll November 13, 2005
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Synonymous for female flight attendant. Considered sexist in some countries, but not as defamatory as sky harlots.
When I was still your age, we used to call flight attendants stewardesses.
by Balea July 28, 2008
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Any young woman from Sacramento, CA in the age range of 18 to 20 (aka fucktart) who has sexual relations with men in their 30's and 40's. Sacramento seems to be the home of thousands of such young women. They are old enough to take it in their holes, but not yet old enough to drink alcohol.
I take night classes at Sac City College just for the Sacramento Stewardesses.

I fucked a Sacramento Stewardess up the shitpipe last night. She was old enough to drink my cum, but too young to drink my rum.
by HorseHungKris October 1, 2007
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omg I dk

I saw this in one of Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl books. I KIND OF know what it means, but I would love to hear it from some wiser heads :)
She flashed a stewardess smile.
by mscrabby May 29, 2010
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