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Any young woman from Sacramento, CA in the age range of 18 to 20 (aka fucktart) who has sexual relations with men in their 30's and 40's. Sacramento seems to be the home of thousands of such young women. They are old enough to take it in their holes, but not yet old enough to drink alcohol.
I take night classes at Sac City College just for the Sacramento Stewardesses.

I fucked a Sacramento Stewardess up the shitpipe last night. She was old enough to drink my cum, but too young to drink my rum.
by HorseHungKris October 01, 2007
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Sex act performed on a wealthy woman by a hired gigolo. The woman assumes any tantric Yoga position in hopes of engaging in deep cosmic tantric sex with her hired steed. The gigolo sensually inserts part of his 'linga' (cock) in her 'yoni' (cunt), and begins to make sweet, expensive love to her for about 5 strokes. He then removes his linga from her yoni, and shoves it all the way up her asspipe, proceeding to buttfuck her ass in a weird yoga position for a good 30 minutes or so. This is called the Tiburon Turnpike because of the high number of wealth women in Tiburon, CA who hire gigolos.
I was getting so bored I could barely stay hard, so I gave her the ol' Tiburon Turnpike.

Mrs. Jettison's rectum prolapsed during a Tiburon Turnpike.
by HorseHungKris October 01, 2007
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