I was balls deep in her steege.

Her steege smelled like the dumpster behind Red Lobster.

She could put an entire watermelon up her steege.

Her steege was as deep as a Poppins Box.
by ozone567 May 28, 2006
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A particularly ugly species of warthog common in the piedmont region of North Carolina.
A Steege is wandering through Durham? Who let him out of the zoo?
by Professor I. P. Freely October 26, 2003
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a type of guy that likes a girl with big boobs.
"wow. he motor boated me last night."

"what a steege"
by harmpret poboluby November 19, 2007
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a consistant type of personal style.
your expression through style, your technique, your mannerisms, your ways.

your steegs.
"stop taxing on my steegs"
"bitch please, those are MY steegs"
"i've got mad steegs"
by vixi December 19, 2005
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Fly person fresh hat clothes kicks and whip fuck swag
Damn my steeg on point
by lord runnit November 22, 2015
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A kylie steege is the hottest person to ever walk the earth and the word can be used to describe a hot thing or person. A kylie steege is somebody who is obsessed with evan peters and cody fern only. a kylie steege will audibly scream everytime she sees kit walker when re-watching American Horror Story Asylum. A kylie steege is somebody who will re-watch that one scene where tate langdon says that he has a big dick.
Oh my god, Taya is such a Kylie steege.

Lmao why is this hamburger so kylie steege (hot).
by Kylie26362phatho March 27, 2021
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