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noun: 1. A philosophy which combines the mellow smooth and earth flows of African American culture and approach to life.
2. To be real and not overly formal as to hide the essence of the steampunk genre.
3. A state of mind in which only those who have attained true status of funkdafication may use in the Victorian Era.
4. To be so hot that you steam up the windows and your feet smell bad. To be full of hot air.
5. A person who seeks to bring together elements of different periods in this case particularly blaxploitation films and comedy and merge it with that of Steampunk fiction.
6. One bad mutha..shut yo mouth.
Don't mess with one of the original Steamfunk Aeronauts. I heard they kill a fool who thinks they down but ain't.
by Lord Kishikaga Kaosu November 27, 2010
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1. Noun. A tendency to break the confines that genre-nazis attempt to paint you into by bustin' out in extreme fabulousness and style.

2. Noun. One filled with so much epic that they cannot be contained by one genre, and must straddle the line between steampunk and "The Funk".
3. Verb. (Steamfunking) Resisting the evils of the brownfairy and rumble-taint. Responding in kind with an Assmckraken.
The Crew of the A.S.S. Titilus and A Count Named Slick-Brass are SO steamfunk! The Wandering Legion needs to join in! Scrumptious! - Baron Von Lahey
by Professor Marvel of the Legion November 25, 2010
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