Place a straw in your dickhole, smoke a cigarette, blow smoke in the straw. After smoke is blown into the straw, take the straw out, trapping the smoke in the penis. Once the smoke is trapped in the penis, you squeeze your penis so smoke rings come out of your penis.
My girl came over last night and i gave her the steam engine. CHOO CHOO!
by bag o' dicks June 29, 2012
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A circle of men Double Dutch Ruddering. The end result looks like a steam engine powering off the line
Todd, James, Jonny, Tom, Harmon, Jamal and Kyle steam engined last night in the house for hours on end, scared the shit out of me when i walked downstairs
by thearcangel696969 February 5, 2011
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First utilisation of the link between industry, science, wealth and progress.

Product of western civilisation that the chinese, oddly, did not create despite 600 years of peace and 3 times as much population.
by waffle October 13, 2003
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mexican with ( two ) dos 6-packs of tecate beer
I saw hombre laying tijauna river with 2 6-packs.
Saying mexican chooka chooka,chooka,chooka like a steam engine just blowing shit, water, mud, he was bad ass!
Border patrol ran back 100 yards. chooka chooka!
by itichie_nocanpo July 6, 2006
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This is a sexual maneuver that should only be attempted by level 7 or higher practitioners. You take a girl out to a secluded location in full sized four door sedan.You get in the back seat and start doing her doggy style.It becomes very hot and stuffy,so you roll down the back window.When the girl sticks her head out the window to cool off,you crank the window back up on her neck just far enough as not to choke her but far enough she can't escape.You duct tape a lit cigar to her mouth and proceed you corn hole her.Every time you thrust,twin smoke rings come out of her nostrils.
I took this ole skank out on lovers lane and gave her the ole Norwegian steam engine.
by wolfbait51 May 13, 2011
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A period of time when many inventors all over the world, despite isolation from each other, and with no contact with each other in any way, begin inventing a similar technology with a coincidental commonality of ideas.
The invention of the steam engine didn't occur in only one place but was invented independently and in isolation by many inventors all over the world.

Another example of steam engine time includes the independent invention of the aeroplane by people in isolation from each other in many different regions of the world, leading to arguments about "who" invented the aeroplane first.

by Wataru108 October 9, 2008
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The sexual act of where you stick a vape in an ass and anally vapes and then farts out the vape into another persons mouth.
That kinky hipster bitch wanted to do an Alabama steam engine last night.
by Cleetus Wagner February 1, 2018
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