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Refers to the blatant gimmick used by computer and telecommunications corporations of presenting their product as being cutting edge and cool by adding an "i" to the start of the product name. The excuse given usually being that the product is "internet capable" even though many other similar products of have been "internet capable" for years without their manufacturers believing it necessary to emphasize the fact by putting on an "i" on the beginning of the name.
Hey, man, are you gonna buy one of them new iphones?

What's the 'I' for?

It's 'I' like in Internet.

Um, so? Cellphones with internet links have been around in Japan and South Korea for at least 4 years before that thing came out. I-this, I-that. Wtf? More damn i-hype!
by Wataru108 October 10, 2008
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Noun- Term of abuse used by Bush supporters against anyone who is openly disbelieving of the Bush Administration's heavily propagandised 9/11 fairytale. The term is used most often in a derogatory way as an ad hominem by neocon trolls in order to avoid dealing with the facts, commonsense, and supporting links presented by 9/11 sceptics
Neocon troll: Often you will find a troofer wearing tin foil on their head.

Sceptic: I've noticed that the only people talking about tinfoil all the time are nutters like you. What's this obsession of you crazies with tinfoil hats?
by Wataru108 October 10, 2008
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A period of time when many inventors all over the world, despite isolation from each other, and with no contact with each other in any way, begin inventing a similar technology with a coincidental commonality of ideas.
The invention of the steam engine didn't occur in only one place but was invented independently and in isolation by many inventors all over the world.

Another example of steam engine time includes the independent invention of the aeroplane by people in isolation from each other in many different regions of the world, leading to arguments about "who" invented the aeroplane first.

by Wataru108 October 9, 2008
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