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Whereby people bring large ziploc bags to Buffets (examples: weddings, corporate events, complimentary hotel brunches, casinos) or Buffet Restaurants for the sole purpose of stuffing excess food into the bags and 'stealing' it. This is usually accomplished by overloading one's plate at the Buffet and then surreptitiously tipping the contents of the plate into the ziploc bag. The ziploc bags are usually concealed in: ladies' handbags, men's briefbags, empty laptop cases, overcoats, children's strollers etc.
So what are we going to hit off the buffet tonite?

I spy U-Peel Shrimp. Cream Cheese Bagels with Lox. Vienna Sausages. Mini Quiches. Brownie Bites.

Did you remember to bring the Steal-a-Meal Bags?

Never leave home without 'em!
by December 01, 2009
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