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1)The act of quickly adding obnoxious and stupid comments on someones facebook status that quickly ruins the creativity and humor or the status.

(People who status rape often do so to pathetically gain the attention of the person posting the status)
Person 1: Hey did u see that status that Natalia put up earlier?

Person 2: Yea Jesse already status raped the shit out of her
by T_Adam October 31, 2010
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When you forget to sign out of Facebook and your friend updates your status with something completely outrageous.
*Frank gets on Tommy's Facebook*
Tommy's new status-Tommy is gonna be a daddy!!
Seconds later 50 people comment and status rape has occurred.
by SickFuck12345 January 23, 2010
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On Facebook, when one person's status becomes an entire conversation, often bitching about a certain assignment.
Person A sets status: Person A does not know how to write 10 pages on Book A.

Person B:yeah I haven't started that yet. oh well.
C: Me neither! fuck it, that bitch can die!
D: lol. do we need to do such and such
E: yes, such and such is required or else she will but rape you.
C: FUCK I didn't realize such and such was required!
F: I finished :D

Hence, status rape.
by matteo123 January 13, 2009
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When someone constantly updates their status about everything and anything, most of the time something that should be kept in the dark, for example, fights with their love "I thought you were the one yada yada yada.. " etc, or about how much their life sucks. "I wish that I didn't eat this and that, I'm going to go puke now.."
Basically, it's people who want attention.
For more information, search "Attention Whore".
A: Status whore

B: Random friend
C: The smart person

A: I've been hurt, I don't love you anymore (nag, nag, nag...)
B: Omg, what happened?
A: Well.. *blah blah blah I'm so pitiful, everyone give me your attention*
C: Oh shut the hell up, don't status rape.
by Teci October 26, 2009
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When you leave your facebook profile logged on and someone unexpectedly leaves a homosexual comment under your status
"Man, all of my family members down in Florida keep congratulating me on coming out of the closet because I was status raped."
by game changer October 27, 2012
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1.) To physically harm an unwilling and unsuspecting friend's reputation via a joke facebook status. Usually involving derogatory comments and/or slang commonly referring to the male genatalia. Usually done when facebook account is left open or password is acquired by a third party.
John Smith loves *insert male genatalia slang here* in or around his mouth

Wow! Did everyone see John Smith's

status rape?
by Assquatch1 April 20, 2010
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When a person with power forces someone less, for example, in a job, to have sex, or do sexual acts, and the person without power is unable to say no due to the idea that they may lose their job.
Did you know that the girl who played Dorthy in the wizard of Oz was Status Raped?
She was threatened by some of her producers to 'Have sex' or she would be threatened and fired!
by Nzpowa March 27, 2018
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