A symbol of American power and freedom. Ironically, the statue was a gift to the Americans by the FRENCH.
Most Americans who diss the French need to start checking their history books and their culture to see if they are being hypocritical.
by AYB May 12, 2003
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a heterosexual act that involves double penetration with a ratio of 2 men and 1 woman; it is performed similarly to the Eiffel Tower position, except the men are holding one pair of hands at chest level to resemble the Declaration of Independence Tablet, and the other pair are holding a bottle of whiskey in the air to resemble the Torch
Girl: "I got Statue of Liberty 'd so hard at that 4th of July party"
by jesusstepfather March 17, 2015
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When you're too much of a loser to have a friend to do the Eifel Tower with.
His friend bailed, so he had to Statue of Liberty instead of Eifel Towering me
by Azraels_kitten December 15, 2010
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When one has a bowel movement large (or long) enough so that the end of it sticks up out of the water in the toilet bowl, pointing up like the torch in the hand of the actual statue of Liberty.
I took a took a Statue of Liberty crap this morning.
by chalan30 May 1, 2011
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The Statue of Liberty is a sexual position in which the woman bends over in front of the man and he penetrates her either vaginally or anally. The key factor in "The Statue of Liberty" is that the man must hold a Coors Light in his right hand and raise it above his head as if it were a torch. The man can also pretend to be holding a book in his left hand but this isn't necessary as the left hand can be used for more enjoyable things such as spanking.
Dude, I took that chick home last night and I totally did The Statue of Liberty to her.
by Dfye April 11, 2007
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When you are having vaginal or anal sex with a girl from behind and she asks you three times to wear a condom. You then succumb to her request despite the fact that you are not a sailor. Just before you are about to finish you remove the condom with your throwing hand and drop it over your right shoulder (like in football) into your left hand behind your back before you finish raw dog. When she rolls over you pretend to take the condom off and throw it away to assure her that you were wearing one.
So Bro: "She wouldn't let me bang her without a condom"

John Bro: "That sucks man so you didn't bust?"

So Bro: "Of course I finished bro - I pulled the *statue of liberty*."
by Sono Bro November 1, 2011
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When you're blowing a guy and he also wants to be choked.
"Yo can you believe Tyrone wanted me to take him to the Statue of Liberty!?"
by MissLadyLiberty December 11, 2021
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