Having beef with someone
Person 1:You want static?
Person 2:Nah im good fam
by NewYorker101 May 17, 2019
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''Sis, is there static?'' "Don't get static with me!''
by bbykirby November 17, 2018
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A way of lowering you car by static suspension parts, like coilovers. Once you set that ride height, it stays like that (unless adjusted).
Imagine driving on bags, rather than static LOL.
by StaticN*gga November 17, 2019
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Paranoid behavior around police or any other authority.
Don't act static or the fuzz'll stick.
by Allie-swan July 23, 2008
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Like attitude, or backtalk. Also, resistance or reluctance. Can be used as a verb or noun.
"Hey man, come over here now!"
"No! Just try and make me!"
"Shut up! Don't give me static, man, and get over here."
by Mollye August 22, 2005
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being extraordinary. inspirational. electrifying. stands out in a crowd. completely misunderstood. has extreme determination. is unable to be labeled. undefined. thrilling. incredible vibe. one of a kind
She's a static girl. That's a static work of art.
by shelbySTATIC March 18, 2009
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A term used to describe a night or event which is beyond lit.

Usage of the word should be reserved for only the most disgustingly crazy nights, nights where the music's banging, the bud is smoking, the beds are rocking and the drinks are flowing.

Static nights also have a more than reasonable girl to boy ratio and shall never be used to describe sausage fests.
Molez: Yo, did you boys go to that mad link up at Seb's last week

Amir: jheeze, don't get me started blud, that night was cray , even Harry was getting brain

Amadi: Dat can't run, no way was Harry getting brain when man wasn't, this party must have been LIT AF

Swaggy P: Lit? Naaah blud, that night was static as fuck

Jackson: Hold tight that party doe, the yats were fire, it can't be beat.
by Sebmeister January 25, 2017
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