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1. The result of being hyper-caffeinated as a result of drinking copious amounts of coffee or other beverages from Starbucks with large amounts of caffeine and possibly sugar.

2. The feeling that one has been cheated or somehow fooled by the seemingly buzz-inducing beverage that was purchased from Starbucks with the anticipation of a caffeine buzz, but the result of feeling more tired than before.
1. "I had coffee this morning, and I couldn't help myself and went to Starbucks at lunch. I'm definitely feeling pretty Starbuxed today."

2. Friend 1: "So I had that quad mocha because I was really tired, and for some reason, I feel even more sluggish and sleepy. What the heck?!"

Friend 2: " Maybe they put benedryl, or a very slow date rape drug it it or something, I don't know."

Friend 1: "This sucks, I got Starbuxed once again."
by Mickaylay July 17, 2013
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