the product of dropping a jolly rancher into a public toilet, re-wrapping it and giving it to someone
β€œyooo don’t even think about giving me a stanley again, last time i got aids.”
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by scharddin September 14, 2020
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Term used to describe someone who is a real tool.
"Jesus, why'd you have to bring that guy?"

"Seriously, Jen, he's a real friggin' stanley, ya know?"
by Ben63 May 18, 2006
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1. Noun Under the term, 'Stanley', is a wide range of adjectives that depict the nature of -- a naive, young man. 'Stanley' is One that lacks intuitive and ambition to do productive activities; instead, a man of such relieves life by entertaining himself endlessly with video games, watching 'Scrubs', and getting lost with a Subway map...in which, he may end up in China.

2. Noun A common name for a squiggly line; infamous in doodles.

Plural: Stanleys.
That child...is sure to become a Stanley one day! Karen...what are all these Stanleys doing in your Math Notebook? You will receive an F for doodling Stanleys all over your test paper.
by Tessalinne August 31, 2010
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A skinny ass jew loving muslim who loves to sit in back of the class wanking off to chicken, nugget, midget, gay porn. No one knows how stanleys are made but they are accounted for eminem thinking hes a rap god due to there retarded obsession towards him.
ugh i hate jews, stanley go away
by mac the peadophile August 19, 2018
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Short form = Stan.

1. Suburban, usually Caucasian adolescent Eminem fanboys.

2. Known to predictably declare Eminem to be "the greatest rapper alive" despite that they usually don't listen to rap to bother to substantiate this claim.

3. A reference to "Stan," the title and main character of one of Eminem's songs off the "Marshall Mathers LP" about an obsessive fan who imitates Mathers' look, writes incoherent and disturbing fan letters, and eventually kills his pregnant girlfriend and himself because Eminem didn't reply in time.

4. Best visually exemplified in the music video for "The Real Slim Shady," also from the "MM LP." Throughout the video, Eminem is surrounded by a legion of white guys wearing the signature white Tees and jeans and the signature bleached haircut, nodding rhythmically to the song; thus achieving an effective Village of the Damned vibe to the video.
Stanleys don't actually listen to rap, but are instead "hip-hop fans' " equivalent to otaku/Wapanese "Japanese culture enthusiasts" (see fanboy).

They don't *really* know anything about the subject of their obsessive fandom, but do everything in their power to nevertheless fail to convince you that they do.
by Government Cheeze May 03, 2004
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A type of knife, associated with being used by English football hooligans amongst other things.
"Meet Stanley" From football factory, scouser whips out his Stanley knife.
by Duncaninho July 10, 2008
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