A fictitious name (other than their real name) used by performers, entertainers, or talent such as Actors, Actresses, Models, Musicians, Dancers, etc. This "name" is usually made-up by the performer, although sometimes they are created by their agent or PR Representative.

Some Examples are:
Stage Name: John Wayne, Real Name: Marion Morrison
Stage Name: Cary Grant, Real Name: Archibald Leach
Stage Name: Elton John, Real Name: Reginald Dwight
Stage Name: Dean Martin, Real Name: Dino Crocetti
Stage Name: Tom Cruise, Real Name: Thomas Mapother
Stage Name: Charlie Sheen, Real Name: Carlos Irwin Estevez
by ToGlenn March 15, 2011
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a name commonly used by punk rock kids. When the last name isn't hardcore enough, a stage name is used. Usually used with alliteration. A new first name can be added for effect.
Usually punk kids go through a few different names before settling on one that fits right. You get TO THE MAX points for it being earned.
If desired, both first and last name may be replaced with one single name.
Examples of stage names: Myke Massakre, Brendon Boycott, Sarah Notorious, Arwen Apathy, Adam Catastrophe, Vomit, Scientist, etc.

Example of earning a stage name: Matt Chaos causes chaos wherever he goes; he deserves the name "Matt Chaos"
by Sarah Notorious September 18, 2006
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Fake names used by many actors and musicians alike (though not all of them) to at least offer them some sort of privacy. There are other reasons that one might change their name (such as their real name being embarrassing, too mundane, too long, or nearly impossible to pronounce) but this is the usual reason.
There are many actors with stage names. To name a few:

-Harry Belafonte (Harold George Bellanfanti Jr.)

-Richard E. Grant (Richard Grant Esterhuysen)

-Marty Balin (Martyn Jerel Buchwald)

-Lou Gehrig (Heinrich Ludwig Gehrig)

-Anne Rice (Howard Allen Frances O'Brien)

-Alan Alda (Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo)

-Tim Allen (Timothy Alan Dick)

-Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley)

-Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt)

-Trey Parker (Randolph Severn Parker III)
by Someone who kinda exists May 21, 2021
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