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A straight guy who has a gay guy as a friend, and who has no problem with going to gay bars. Like a Fag Hag only male.
"How come a straight guy wants to hang around with a gay guy?"
"He's his Stag Hag"
by Jon Dawson March 22, 2007
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1. A straight man that has mostly gay male friends.
2. A straight man that constantly tries to turn his gay friends straight by engaging the in 'hetero' activities.
1. John is such a stag hag that he's lost the ability to pick up chicks.

2. Casey is a major stag hag. He took the gay boys fishing last weekend, then got pissed when they wouldn't touch the worms.
by maybedevine September 26, 2006
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Straight guys who have, due to current circumstances, been hanging around the gay pasture. They like to mow, they eat a lot, they shed socks. We have the gay women's security force after a couple of fights broke out over TV remotes. They eat a lot. They gays saw them as exotic at first, now they are just guys hanging around gays. They are growing on us.
The stag hag speaks longingly of the 1980's, when they worked for a union and made a great living.
by Victoria Bronzeworth August 17, 2018
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