A formation used by military and law enforcement in which individuals line up single file along the same wall as the door they plan to breach in order to get through the door quickly and efficiently
“ Dude I think that house is about to get raided, I just saw a dozen guys with ATF jackets on stack up outside the door”
by Marchambone June 13, 2022
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When a female is blessed with appealing mammary glands which have the tendency to distract males focus, she is stacked up.
Mark-"How'd your date go? did she have nice boobs?"
Matt-"Yeah that ho was STACKED UP!"
by Dr.vonlinkphipps December 1, 2011
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To get a fuck load of money
I know i'm going out soon so till then fuck it im winning so im gonna stack up
by Dylan69 April 5, 2008
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When two people (typically males) sleep on top of each other, facing each other, penises dangling.
"Hey Clay, that was so pleasant sleeping stacked up with you the other night." -Petre
by mmmmNOPE! October 9, 2013
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A dish of culinary precision loosely related to a casserole involving stacking the ingredients of a traditional Frito Pie in an upwards fashion. Stack ups can also be referred to as "spicy rice." Believed to have originated in the American Southwest.
I like Frito Pies, but I want more ingredients, so I'll make a Stack Up.
by ronnic213 June 12, 2009
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Similar to ‘ Come and take it’. It’s an invitation for the individual person(s) who doesn’t like guns to attempt a seizure of the guns owned by the user of the phrase, in essence, ‘either do something or shut the fuck up’
“We’re coming for your guns, those don’t belong in society”, “ If you want them so bad then why don’t you stack up or fuck off
by Marchambone June 13, 2022
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A common term a hardcore 2nd Amendment Supporter will tell Anti-Gunners that want to confiscate guns.
Usually, these lefty's want government goons like the Alcohol, Tobacoo, Firearms and Explosives or known as the ATF to confiscate your guns instead of themselves as they are cowards.
Lefty: You don't need your AR-15. We're coming for them.
Average Gun Owner: You gonna come get them yourself? Stack Up or Shut Up!
by AnCapGigaChad June 7, 2022
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