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When 2 people want to cuddle in bed, but the room temperature exceeds comfortable cuddling conditions. Therefore, you turn your backs to one another and intertwine your buttcheeks, alternating one person's atop the other's in a shuffled, card-like manner.
Jamey and Jessica climb into bed and engage into a typical cuddling position, but their body heat becomes too much to endure for the entire night and therefore they both flip over.

Jamey: Honey it's getting too warm to snuggle, I have to flip over.
Jessica: Ok but let's at least stack the deck (cuddling, essentially with your butt cheeks intertwined.)
by Nastyfax May 27, 2015
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to invite more of the opposite sex to any function, parties, events, or gatherings thereby increasing the odds that you and your friends are guaranteed a good time
hey, I was able to "stack the deck" for the boat party this weekend!!
by harder johnson June 12, 2018
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