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Is the town in Chicago suburbs that has everything you need to never leave. Where new buildings are always going up. Where we are all spoiled bitches and wanna-be-gangstas. But that is just some of us. St. Charles North and East high schools are the big rivals. The good old Charlestowne Mall where we all grew up at one point (where we went on a first date in middle school) AND just because you come from this hott town it doesnt mean you are spoiled rotten by daddy. Watch out Chicago you got some competition!
St. Charles North and East High Schools are full of designer purses and future abercrombie models.Thats what St. Charles is. Dont worry we all arent self absorbed. St. Charles
by Maddie Ray February 15, 2007
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A western suburb of Chicago where you grow up at Baker Square. We are part of the tri-cities, Batavia and Geneva. the kids run the streets, and the 'rents pay the bills. We run this town.
St. charles, where the ladies rock, and the fellas flock
by AiNtNoThInG September 29, 2005
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A small city outside of St.Louis MO that has a strange mix of black people,rednecks,yuppies,rich people and poor people. It has a growth rate of 5% a year which makes sure that there is non-stop construction. St.Charles is the oldest city on the missouri river and constantly glorifies the fact that it was were the explorers louis and clark took off from. There is some crime and even some small amounts of gang activity. There are many homeless people but for some reason nobody notices all of the homeless people who hang out in the park at night (There is also many drug dealers and addicts). St.Charles is commonly reffered to as a small town in the news even though its not and is really quite large for a suburb. It is in many ways like St.Louis like the fact that st.charles gets more seedy as you go north or east as does St.Louis. My best advice is that you should try not to stay in saint charles for too long.
I live in St.Charles MO

by RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! July 24, 2008
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(n)A small but pleasant town in Michigan. The people are noted for their excellent grammar; Residents are often referred to (by lesser creatures from dirtier cities) as river rats.

The woods outside of St. Charles are beautiful this time of year.
by bestmomever July 14, 2008
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