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Once springtime hits in Missouri, it is time to take a float trip. This involves floating down a river in a canoe, raft, or inner tube. You pay a relatively cheap price for your floating device and then you're off! Most people fill up coolers with beer and shots and actually pay for a separate inner tube to use for floating the beverages. If you live anywhere in St. Louis, you've been on a float trip!
"Hey, let's get a group together for a float trip this weekend!"
by Tunsa May 02, 2008
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A term used by the plantation owners of Missouri to describe the event of floating down river in floaties while drinking alcohol. The common resident of St. Louis believes that everyone else knows what this terms means. This leads to a frustrating conversion in which the person who is not from Missouri calls the plantation owner a drunken confederate bigot.
Jason, in a real city like Chicago we don't go on float trips.
by Bob Champlin October 05, 2010
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