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A catholic highschool in Cambridge Ontario. Very high pregnancy rate, usually everyone walks around the drug pit blazed out of their mind. Teenagers jack off in class frequently to one of the few attractive teachers. You can watch bullying from the math club to the football team, very entertaining altogether. Police checks are weekly, make sure not to miss them!
Man, St. Benedicts is a terrible school. I would hate to go there.
by Rb29 January 04, 2010
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SBS is a school of which the students cause so much drama it is stupid. People lying, backstabbing, flirting/makeing out with people they don't like, and ignoring the ones they do. This school has its fair share of retards, but also has some decent people. /Most/ of the are cool and you don't know it till it's too late.
Saint Benedict might suck like heck now, but after you leave, you'll be wanting it back. You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
Enjoy what you've got when you've got it. St. Benedict is pretty cool sometimes.
by hmm. . . . . .? October 06, 2005
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Ok this school is okay but u no their are so many love triangles n rudeness n tlkin bout people behind their backs like if a short blonde boy n a brunette r doing stuff! people need to shut up! and N tresor n adam are never gonna go bak out soo STOP tellin people they r! also a short midget brown haired boy n a short blonde haired girl have something going on u no(jennifer) ya well i willl miss u all so hav fun! next yr.
by not telling! April 05, 2005
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Though many things in the definition are true above... The school is full of cheaters,liers,backstabbers,etc.Yes few people ever notice things but most people try. The things above,who ever wrote it, is the biggest HYPRICRITE EVER!!!!I am almost positive that person has made something about them.MOST PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL ARE HYPRICRITES!!!!Doesn't anyone have anything better to do with their time??AND I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP SAYING CARRIE IS SPOLIED!!! SHE'S NOT....SHUT UP!!!! LIKE YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED A NICE GIFT FROM ANYONE.....Anyway back to how the school do the teachers...though there are few exceptions...(mr.e...who is like totally awesome!!!He will help you with like anything and everything!! Go him!)Though there are some good people...Like Janine...who is smart,funny,good at basketball;softball,and the best markers player ever... and Catherine too..she is so funny and good at shopping!!! the person above... I congratulate the people who stay true to themselves...I wish I could be more like you!(though i try!)

P.S:this school is full of RETARDS i won't name any names but you could guess if you knew me...which you don't!!
Real examples:
person #1:You know you is great?
person #2:Catherine and janine?
person #1: you read my mind!!!!!!

person #1:I hate this school
person #2:Yeah so do I but I will miss you guys!!!
person #1:me too
by no way not telling February 08, 2005
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St. Benedict school is a small Catholic school in the fan, where the kids that aren't mean are just stupid or slutty. Of course, the moronic sixth graders leave a skankiness gap from the elementary to middle school, going will-nilly when someone kisses someone else (on the cheek). Boys and girls alike share the same stupidity and ignorance, laughing when someone says "poop" and flirting with a tall red-haired white boy with an afro. When they aren't making out with him, they go for a more "slow", short blonde boy with creapy contacts and an "irresistable" habit of rolling up his sleeves and strutting around the playground. You may meet a few nice teachers there, but most are just liberals or decimal-loving communists, who never cease to bash Bush and the Crusades. The school would be better if kids would stop making out on the playground. And an assortment of angry, bitter people. Plus, Lucas is also gay.
Anonymous sixth grader: "There's a rumor going around that you and Adam are going out."
Lucas: "Yes!"
by Not telling you February 20, 2005
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