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Tresor is a beautiful person who is always there for you. he is kind and friendly and comes from the tribe of mandingo. any vanginas he comes across will be thoroughly satisfied. with no side effect besides a belly ache. unfortunaly we have never found a tresor that can roll a blunt.
sally; i have a gape. billy is such a tresor.
by lexxlondon May 17, 2018
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Trevor is a beautiful girl. She is strong, sexy, funny, kind-hearted, loving, and most importantly weird. She is the best people you'll ever meet, she's a great friend, girlfriend, daughter, and sister. She puts God first, then family, and then friends. She is shy at first when you meet her, but once she gets comfortable with you, that's when you get to see the true goddess. It's easy to get attached to her and once you do, you don't want to let go. As for her, if she likes you, (as a friend or more) she will take care of you like on other. But when tresor is mad or angry it's best to shut up and let her clam down first. Because she barely gets angry,so if she is you know it's a big deal. Tresor will always put people ' needs before hers, to her it doesn't matter if she's hurting, she would rather cheer you up by caring your weight for you than the other way around. Though Tresor can be clueless at times, it's what makes this super short girl cutter (other than her cute and adorable child like behavior). She has the most amazing smile, her dimples, and hour class curves are to die for. Tresor is a true African goddess. She's truly a once in a life time opportunity, don't let her go.
Tresor is a real treasure.
by Unicornprincess5 March 23, 2019
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