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The Catholic Patron Saint of lost things.

Someone you pray to when you have lost something. There are many prayers, one of them is,
"Something's lost and can't be found, please Saint Anthony look around."
Amanda lost her wallet so she said a prayer to St. Anthony. She suddenly found her wallet.
by The Leader 101 March 06, 2009
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A school on Long Island that knows how to throw awesome parties and get drunk/high out of there minds. Most of the kids that go here are rich white kids who live in suffolk and like two jews.
Yo that St. Anthony's party was so legit i don't even remember what happened.
by Boss Sta-tus April 26, 2009
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St. Anthony's is a Fransiscan High School located in Huntington New York. known for its outstanding athletic and academic abilities. the school is often compared to Chaminade High School and wins hands down every time.
Hey chaminades better then St. Anthony's. yea well we do have girls soo...
by coolcat13 December 24, 2010
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