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A private, catholic high school in West Hills, California. This school is seriously overrated. Many of the teachers don't care for their students, but some do, but they are a small minority. The Catholic element is extremely frustrating, even for Catholics. There is a mandatory religion class that you must take all 4 years of high school. And for that class, you don't just have to listen, you get assigned homework. Now the students. Many of the students are very sheltered and don't know the real world. They have inferior senses of humor compared to the public school counterparts. Many of the students are afraid of drugs, or anything related to illegal activity. For any grade, all of the "parties" (they get shut down at 10 because of the first sight of alcohol) are terrible, a discrace to anything party related. Many of the students are overly prudent, even most seniors are virgins. I mean, I know it is important to remain "pure", but it is HIGH SCHOOl for gods sake, people need to loosen up about so many things and stop worrying so much. Overall, if you want to have a high school experience that you look back at later in life and say " I had a great time" please, dont go to Chaminade then.
I went to Chaminade High School for 2 years, then transfered to a public school, and that was the best decision i've ever made
by SexualInnuendo May 11, 2012
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