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The meaning of rurt is extremely simple, it is a deflated form of the word "alright", where you are so seshed out that you forget to speak so a weird noise that sounds close to "alright" comes out your mouth. Often used by the youth after a four day bender in a rundown garage outside Budgens
Rurt mush, how's your comedown?
by Anonymoooooos June 12, 2017
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The town for growing up, the town for chavvy year youts to "chill" at Paragon Park and get picked up by BTEC nonces driving around playing Nines or Bugzy malone. The story of this town goes on further, may I mention the park and ride. Yes! A great addition for the Middle class to get a family bus to Cambridge to go punting. That's the only daytime.... 8pm onwards the £1 parking fee is written off for the evening so up come forth the Barry boy drivers in there 15 year old Vauxhall Corsas to go drifting around the wide open space and causing absolute chaos, they're hard! Ever thinking about coming to St Ives now..... DON'T, the box is shut!
Let's go to St Ives for a day out.... it doesn't happen
by Anonymoooooos June 6, 2017
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