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SriHari is the type of friend you'd always wish you had. It's very hard to find a Srihari in this world, but if you find him, you should cherish every single moment you share with him. SriHari is generally very bright academically and has a good musical talent. You're lucky if you know a SriHari
wow I can't believe Srihari is your friend! You're so lucky!!
by Katycat December 27, 2017
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Sri - Name of Hindu Goddess of wealth - SriDevi / Lakshmi.
Hari - One of several names of the Hindu God Vishnu

Srihari is a name used mostly by East Indians. They most commonly belong to the "Brahmin" caste of Hindu society.

Sri can also be used as a mark of respect/salutaion in some Indian languages
1. They named their son Srihari
2. We would like to welcome Sri Patel to deliver the inaugural address.
by JackTaylor February 03, 2010
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1)An extremely addictive drug that makes you fly
2)Whale Bait
3)One who spends his time frolciking in snow
4)One who sells and buys horses for a living
I'm gonna go take a Srihari shot after class. Wanta come?
by joe schmo November 22, 2004
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sri hari is one of the names of Lord Vishnu a god from Hindu religion.

He is just a awesome kid!!!
Sri hari is like batman!!!
by akinRaj August 06, 2011
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