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Origin: derived from the words "cunt" and "Squan." The combination takes the word "cunt," widely regarded to be one of the most offensive and derogatory words in the English language towards women, and turns it into the best compliment a Jersey Shore girl could ever receive.

Squnts are 22-30 year old females commonly found at the Jersey Shore in places like the Sprey boom boom room or Leggets. Squnts typically love certain things not limited to the following: to party, to get smushed in wall-less shack beach houses, America, sloppy make-outs in the Boom Boom room or at DJais happy hour, getting grinded on, etc. Typically squnts are from upper middle class to upper class backgrounds and attended a first-tier northeast university. How do you know if a girl is a squnt? Yell "squnt" at her and if she immediately goes down on you then she's a squnt.
1.Bro King: "Sup you fucking squnt?"

Squnt: "Stop calling me that!" (giggling and loving every minute of it)

2. Bro King: "You missed 4th of July weekend, you're not a squnt."

Squnt: "Yea but I was making out in the boom boom room last night to make up for it."

Bro King: "Hugh Wright!"

3. Bro 1: "I'm trying to smush today."

Bro 2: "Guidofest is today. Squnts will be sitting on it before noon."

4. Some Girl: "Why am I not a squnt?"

Bro: "Because you complained about me punching out every single window in our shore house when I was bombed last night."
by Hughseph Wright October 05, 2010
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when a coochy also known as a pussy tightens (contracts) around a penis or other objects
when she squnted it made me wanna blow my load.
by derik manis February 18, 2003
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A female squid in nature. Derived from the word squid and the word cunt. A derogatory term for a female Naval seaman or officer. A term often used by Marines.
The squnt attached her egg sack to the reef and swam away.

The Marines shouted insults as the squnts in Basic Training marched by.
by Lost Texan November 28, 2006
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Squirrel hunting, being deriven from squirrel (sq) and hunt (unt).
"That hot girl Bianca was just hunting squirrels!"

"You wanker, that's what we call squnting! But dude, Bianca is mad hot!"

"Word up cracka!"
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Slang for a female Native American's private parts.

Alternative definition: derogatory term for a Native American who is cunty.
That squnt I had last night was tight.

I can't stand that stupid squnt!
by Jungle Jen March 03, 2016
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