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adj. squigy Pronounced: squid-gee
noun - squigyness

The term squigy can be affectionately used to express that the body of another person is of an especially satisfying firmness for hugging, cuddling and similar fondling. Squigy may also express that the person is simultaneously cute, squishy and cuddly. Generally, the desire to continue holding onto a squigy person is strong which may lead to longer hugs than usual as well as social awkwardness.

Squigy may also be used to describe the hug itself.
Case where the two people involved are close:

Person A hugs Person B.
Person A: " are so squigy..."
*Loving glances are exchanged and the hug continues*

Case where the two people involved are strangers:

Person A hugs Person B.
Person A continues hugging Person B, despite B's attempts to let go; A has been overcome by the hug's squigyness.

*Awkward glances are exchanged and Person A finally lets go*


"I find it hard to stop hugging you because your hugs are so very nice and squigy".
by supernova4 February 10, 2011
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Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Used when someone is being energetic and fast
Person 1: she’s very squigy today
Person 2: probably from all the sugar she ate today
by Kheyenne October 02, 2017
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A 13 year old, or younger whore. Promiscuous, druggy and disgustingly young.

They can also be the young girls which are slept with by older men on bets.
Guess how many squiggies I fucked last night?
by Voivodess April 29, 2004
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A SHIT, TURD or human faeces!
-i need to have a squigy!
-Did you wipe your ass after you did that squigy?
by EL'FRANGA November 30, 2003
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