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(1.) Those scene girls big trendy haircuts with a giant poof on top of there head.

(2.) Extremely teased hair.

*NOTE: You may add a hyphen in between the words making it Squid-Head.
Dale: Say Joe is that what Urban Dictionary the most coolest site in the world defines as a Squid Head???

Joe:By George it is what do you know i bet she will be balding by the age of 5

*Men go back to drinking there Tea*
by MiggytheRin April 02, 2010
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People that spend too much time in online worlds and virtual reality. Originates with the technology shown in the 1995 movie "Strange Days".
Uber drivers don't like it when squidheads be wire-trippin' on clips in the back of their limo.
by nobodyhuhuh March 23, 2013
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when one reaches up their female friend's "twat", as they say in Toronto, and grabs hold of whatever is up there, rips it out and wears it like a hat. (this could also be used as a bald cap or a Halloween candy bag.)
"After i got bored with Chloe, I pulled a squid head on her"
by yes its that guy from school February 27, 2014
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