Amy: This thing costs $100!
David: For squeal?
Amy: For squeal!
by redstripe March 14, 2007
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when someone does a super short, super high pitched scream-like noise.
by {*Allison*} September 9, 2007
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intransitive verb- The act of telling on someone(snitching) and recieving a reward in return.
To turn informer; betray an accomplice or secret.

Squeal to the cops.

All he does is squeal
by tsero ugbeye April 15, 2006
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Marine Corps term for Navy Seals due to their primadonna attitude and self-important, self-serving motives.
Looks like the squeals have stolen our rappel tower again.
by EdMoneyRabbit May 22, 2008
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the noise you make when you witness Dan and Phil's marriage video
" when I watched Dan and Phil's marriage video I began to squeal"
by KatLovesDanAndPhil December 11, 2016
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Let's go squeal on the reclina.
My boi dirty J got some good shit.
by Squealiumton May 9, 2009
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