Understanding where a person is coming from, another way of saying the slang phrase "You feel me?"
Leon: I be all peaceful most of the time. You smell me?
Kevin: Yo I smell ya
by matt October 2, 2002
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to mean u understand me, used by da one n only my nigga E40
U know wut im sayin?ya smell me ?
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1. a form of asking if the other person knows wat your trying to say,
yo if you cap that bitch you gunna get locked up, you smell me?
by Negrodamus aka John April 22, 2006
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Variation of "Ya feel me?" the derivative of "You know what I am saying?" a form of "Do you understand what I am trying to explain?"
Ex. I'm just tryin' to come up in da game. Ya smell me?
by Paul D. November 14, 2003
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Slogan spraypainted on Cena's john
You can't smell me
by Normal Morman August 29, 2010
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"you smell me cuz?" is common slang amongst Caucasian females which works as a stand in for "you get what I'm saying?"

while not not in all cases, "you smell me cuz?" is commonly linked to femininity, low iq, hair loss, and ironically a terrible stench as if the person had not showered in multiple days. when you see someone who commonly uses the term of "you smell me cuz?" the first thing that you will think is "damn why do they look like that?"
"britt britt has a doctors appointment today, doctor J is going to be giving her a physical you smell me cuz?"
by gloomywheel September 9, 2020
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When your girlfriend believes you to be cheating so she asks to smell your dick to see if it's been undid another female
Boi you betts let me smell yo dick if you gon be sneakin in the house at 4 am sayin you went to tha store
by Ash.the.SAV December 16, 2015
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