The noise made and unsatisfactory delivery of the contents of a squeezy bottle sauce if it has not been stored correctly, vertically on its cap. Etymology squirt and fart.
The squarting ketchup prompted aunt Nelly to hurriedly open the windows during last Fridays dinner party
by leguy September 4, 2006
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A contraction of "squished" or "squat," and "short;" used to define an object or creature that looks as if it has been squished comically short, but without damaging or injuring the entity.
I pressed the cutting board down into the top of the loaf of bread that now it looks squart.
by June 12, 2021
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The unintended, and typically powerful, expulsion of gas thru the anus that occurs when one is doing heavy squats in the gym. Occurs at any age, but becomes more pronounced, uncontrolled, and liquid after the age of 50. May also occur on any other heavy lift, but must be unintended (otherwise, it is just a standard, run-of-the-mill fart).
Last time I was in the gym, I squarted so loud that it cleared everyone out and I had the gym to myself for the rest of the day.
by The Blue Darter March 9, 2019
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When someone has a wet fart, that you can't control.
Poo juice may be formed in ones arse.
Person 1: What the fuck was that!

Person 2: My bad....That was my squart

Person 1: righhhtttt.....
by Squarter June 10, 2008
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The act of cutting a fart from a squatting position.....
Jerry was squatting down to get his keys, when he suddenly squarted in front of Amy.
by Mook Bug July 18, 2019
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When a person is constipated, and his or her fart must be squeezed past the offending bunged up turd.

squeezed fart = squart.
"ive got terrible wind, but because im constipated i can only manage a squart"
by Mc Buzzell January 21, 2016
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When a woman farts following sex which leads to a squirt of seminal fluid from her vagina.
Honey that was such amazing sex. Ooops, I just squarted. Can you get me a towel?
by Squartlover January 10, 2010
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