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n. A mixed drink, similar in taste to a mudslide, but with definite coffee tones. Very tasty! Here's the recipe:

2 shots Kahlua
1 shot Amaretto
1/2 cup Half-and-half
6 Ice cubes

Mixing instructions:
Add above ingrediants in a blender. Blend on high until the ice is crushed. Serve in a cocktail glass. No garnish.

A variation of the drink is called the Spunky Orangutan. For those who don't like coffee at all, replace the Kahlua with Bailey's Irish Cream. While chocolatey and without coffee bitterness of the Spunky Monkey, it also has an amazing hint of marchino cherry. Also very tasty!
Hey barkeep! Another Spunky Monkey, please!
by Dan Weyandt April 10, 2008
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A white monkey that was shoved down Kyle's underpants. Then covered it in semen and then proceded to launch it with high velocity at my face. The last step of a spunky monkey is throwing it out of a window at an old woman.
Me:No kyle don't throw the spunky monkey at me!


Me :Ow my foken eey!

Me:*throws spunk monkey out of window*

Kyle:Oh shit you hit that old woman.

Me:you hit my eye.
by Job pillow beast May 07, 2018
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When you have a boner, Then you get a running start and slam your dick in a girls vagina.
Brad: "Man, you've been limping all day. Whats wrong?"

Mike: "Dude i tried a Spunky Monkey last night and I think I broke my penis."
by A-weezy Davis May 11, 2009
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Having sex with a girl you are trying to break up with. When you are about to blow your load you pull out, spunk in your hand and then slap her across the face with it. You then dance around the room like a monkey making her think you are crazy thus making her want to break up with you.
Gary...You should break up with that phsyco bitch. I can't Yvonne just doesn't get it. Well give her the spunky monkey and she won't want to stay around cause she'll think your the crazy one.
by spencey121 April 05, 2007
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A term usually to describe a woman/man who partakes in a lot of sexual activities with lots of different people.
by Touch my clit June 24, 2018
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It’s when you are spunking so much you become a spunky monkey
I was pat pounding and after I finished I spunked so much

What so you became a spunky monkey?
by Pat10101 July 12, 2017
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Synonym/euphemism for vagina. Heard in municipal court in Oakland, CA.
And then, he put his soup bone in my spunky monkey!
by Gill S. December 14, 2005
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