Sprinkle sprinkle is a slang term that means "blessings" or "bless your heart." It was coined by YouTuber SheraSeven, but has since spread to and gone viral on TikTok.
"When a man says I've been taken advantage of financially before' he's trying to tell you he's not going to give you any type of money. So your response should be 'oh I'm so sorry you're having financial issues. I didn't know. Are you sure you're able to, you know, be out and about and paying for dinners and things like that? Because maybe you shouldn't really be dating right now if you're, you know, unable to afford it.' sprinkle sprinkle"
by xforeverlove21 August 10, 2023
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its the new slay :)

if u say slay ur a gay
"omg ur so sprinkle sprinkle queen"

"sprinkle sprinkle"
by daddysboyy8 May 2, 2023
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It can mean either

1. The process of sprinkling Tobacco over weed in a joint while rolling it.

2. Telling someone to relax, just like they quite possibly could after smoking a joint
1. Brett: One sec I just need to Sprinkle Da Sprinkle and we'll be done.

2. Bunny: What's up with you man? Sprinkle Da Sprinkle.
by Bunny420. May 11, 2009
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Initially meant "bless your heart" or "blessings". But after being popularized by viral TikTok star SheRa Seven (sprinkle sprinkle lady), giving financial-oriented dating advice to the girls, "sprinkle sprinkle" became a way to allude to her and her way of approaching dating life.
"If a man asks about your body count, ask him about his bank account. Sprinkle Sprinkle."
"If a man wants to go for a date on Starbucks, bring your friend to make it clear this is not a date. Sprinkle Sprinkle."
by dontuseyourrealname12456 September 1, 2023
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