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A loving, yet morally ambigious, act whereby an individual is wrapped in a bedsheet (or any substance/material of malleable nature) thus appearing like a 'springroll'. The protruding feet are then tickled by another person.
by nappy_boy_69 July 31, 2009
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1. A compact food where the contents are usually a type of meat mixed with noodles and vegetables, nicely contained in a crunchy shell.
2. Someone who is a keener and generally considered "lame".
3. A "move" used during sexual intercourse
Springrolls are much better than eggrolls.

He stayed up all night studying, what a springroll.

...And then she did a springroll!
by larry says hi October 15, 2005
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A very skinny asian that uses extremely well-learned chinglish to communicate with other people.
John: Sup, Wang!
John: Can you say that more clearly?
Bob: He can't, he is obviously a spring roll.
by Its me again October 03, 2009
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When you vomit in the morning after a big night out the night before. Usually the result of drinking way too much alcohol, and being massively hungover the next day
Person 1: How'd you pull up this morning? You have spring roll?
Person 2: Nah not feeling too bad actually. managed to hold it down!
by shroom89 November 07, 2009
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The instance in which an erection occurs and sustains as someone is rolling down a hill in the spring.
"Dude. Good thing you had a newspaper handy. That was a major spring roll!"
by HeadExplodie April 01, 2007
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