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A player in a FPS (Primarily "Call Of Duty".) Who runs around with a sub machine gun and does not aim but simply fires wildly hoping to make a kill.

Sprayers are often confused with sub-machine gunners, who use sub-machineguns but aim with them insted of firing wildly.

Sprayer is usually used as an insult however, most intellectual people know that everyone has their own style and most people that insult other styles are usually just pissed off because they have just been killed by someone of that style.
EX 1
Some noob: OMG get some skills you sprayer noob.

Me: I was aiming you knob.

EX 2
Some noob: Learn to use a rifle sprayer.

A sprayer: If you want a rifle only game then join one, otherwise stop complaining. You seem to want everyone to play the exact same style.

by PWRR November 14, 2006
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A member of the rock climbing community who brags, boasts, or talks smack about their superior climbing ability, while at the same time subtly putting you down and minimizing your climbing ability. They are often seen at the crag in VW campers, speaking with French accents while wearing neon tights, headbands, Oakley Frogskin sunglasses, and listening to German techno about robots.
That fruit at the crag who tried to tell me that the route that I was struggling with was easy for him was a total sprayer.
by cashmang July 13, 2009
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Female who ejaculates when having sex or receiving oral sex
Man, I am totally soaked!! I had no idea the broad was a sprayer...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
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In a video game, one who shoots bullets from a gun (mainly machine gun) wildly hoping to hit someone
Dude i had like 10 kills in a row, but then that sprayer ruined my run.
by Cameron Skiffington November 23, 2007
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Commonly mistaken as one who uses a rifle or smg and actually aims, A sprayer is a person in the FPS game Gunz: The Duel that uses a shotgun which sprays a spreadshot of 12 bullets per shot much like a shower (of bullets).

This common misconception can be seen in arrogant k-styling buttholes throughout the game.

Contrary to whatever the 31337 may think, It is actually harder to aim a rifle than a shotgun given that a rifle actually shoots in the direction you are pointing whereas a shotgun merely shoots bullets in several directions in the hope that several may hit the target.

Given Screen and Server Lag it is actually CONSIDERABLY more diffucult to aim with a rifle.

Another diffuculty encountered with said Automatics is the inability to effectively Slashshot. As a result, very few K-stylers use Automatics and hence take out their aggrevation on the players that can effectively use them.

This is called Noob-Envy
Sprayer types:

Rifle - Aim and hold down mouse to release a line of bullets wherever you are aiming. *note that this is only noobish if you shake the mouse violently to make the bullets go in different directions without aiming

SMG - Aim and hold down mouse to release a slightly scattered line of bullets wherever you are aiming. *note this is more noobish than a rifle given that the power and accuracy of the bullets are far out of proportion than should be allowable

Shotgun - Shoot in the general direction of the person and hope a couple of the bullets hit. *note this is probably the most noobish of all given the power and innacuracy of a shotgun.
by Maxwell-Lover August 03, 2007
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A kid which was retarded and had sexual intercourse with his siblings (sister).

He mostly performed sexual acts upon his sister while attempting to suck (OneTwoThree's) cock.

Known for his incest, and silly acts he's made it to the top of the retards chain!
Oh, look that's a sprayer.
by x2Fusion January 06, 2008
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Bad name for a style in Gunz:The Duel
While some people may really be not aiming at their targets at all, sprayers can be quite skilled also. The K-style (korean style, with lots of sword-fighting and wall-jumping) may look more elegant, SMG can be quite efficient too. Players who get killed by SMG or sometimes even rifles can't seem too not insult the people that seem to do well with this style. There are indeed many non-skilled sprayers, but don't think they'll spare you if you just use a SMG.
by reinier den toom August 03, 2007
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