When you start a new free trail of Spotify premium every month to download music.
Guy 1: "Hey how can you afford Spotify Premium if you can't pay me back?"
Guy 2: "I don't spend any money on it, I have Spotify Freemium."
by Alpharomeocat May 15, 2017
a list of top songs and artists virgins like to post
to their social media to think they are cool, but secretly they lack attention and keep dead bodies in their basement.
yo cuz, u check yo spotify wrapped yet? nah man, I am busy fucking yo mom
by CB#5 December 1, 2021
A person who can listen to the same song forever.
She's such a Spotify sloth. She was listening to that song for three hours. No, she didn't change it after three hours, I got up and left.
by parthraghav January 19, 2018
someone might make a spotify playlist when there feeling emotionally unstable and need to use music as something to calm them down because nothing else in the world works a good as music does some people can also be addicted to making spotify playlists so you can have one ready for your every mood
jenny:hey! what are you doing?
bob: making another spotify playlist!
by eviedielol March 14, 2021
A song where the song usually has one good line. People have this song in their playlist for clout when other people/friends look at their playlist. Spotify premium users usually have this because they can just skip the song after the line.
“Oh yeah, I love *Spotify song*, I know the song by heart
“Wait, can you sing me some lines in the song I forgot how it goes?”
“*sings popular line*”
“What else, I still don’t remember”
“Jeez, I forgot it the words, this never happens”
by HockeyGuy7215 July 2, 2019
Am I doing this right?
Post your Spotify wrapped urban dictionary to your Instagram story!
by Sparklepoops December 2, 2021